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I use the science to help people like you make this world better, whether it be online television, food, community-building, communication theory, writing, lecturing, (experimental) design, or data analysis. I produce large-scale creative content that is nerdy and entertaining.

I am currently Senior Scientist at Memphis Meats.  Check out our Indiegogo Campaign!

We produce delicious meat without the animal (really. No, really.)

I have helped build food biotechnology policy for the Food & Drug AdministratioN and helped coordinate national STEM Education policy for the National Science Foundation.

I also co-founded Thirst. I have worked with so many wonderful humans, from artist to scientist to bureaucrat to inspire a love of this cosmos.

I love what I do.
You may have come here just for the nerdy food recipes. You can find the ever-updating list here.

Some of my work follow. Let’s work together. Connect below! For more News and Media appearances, check out here.

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